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Meet Mike

Mike Dickinson was born and raised in Henrico County. He learned from an early age that hard work and perseverance would lead to success. He graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University, with the help of student loans, and established a successful career.

As a restaurant management consultant, Mike learned firsthand about the challenges facing small businesses. He knows that Washington’s uncertainty and gridlock coming has crippled the ability of our job creators to expand and plan for the future.

Mike believes Congress needs to get back to finding solutions to our nation’s problems rather than being stuck in a loop of partisan bickering and crisis management. As a business person, he understands that long term planning is required, not lurching from crisis to crisis.

That is why Mike is running for Congress. He will focus on fixing our economy and providing opportunities for the people of the district. He will ensure that our schools have the resources they need to ensure that the next generation has the same opportunities he had. He will fight for a fair minimum wage so an honest day’s work brings an honest day’s pay. With your vote, Mike can work to put our nation back on track.